About Us

Out Astoria organizes the LGBT community in Astoria and Long Island City. We provide our members with a way to get to know each other and support our community.

Out Astoria is governed by a Steering Committee of dues-paying members elected by their peers. The organization was founded in 2006 by Dirk McCall and Brent Gallenberger and began as an informal dinner group for LGBT locals. It has since expanded into one of the largest LGBT organizations in Queens.

OA identifies LGBT-owned and LGBT-friendly businesses in our neighborhoods and forges partnerships with their owners to plan events for the gay and lesbian community. Simply put, we support those who support us.

OA also provides a vehicle for the gay and lesbian community to connect with others to improve our neighborhoods for all residents. We partner with elected officials, nonprofits, and volunteer groups to help keep the LGBT community involved and visible.

Out Astoria is always interested in hearing from our members. We encourage you to contact us and share your ideas, suggestions, or other feedback.