Out Astoria Brunch at Strand

Strand Smokehouse

Sunday January 29
Noon to 2:00pm

The Strand Smokehouse

25-27 Broadway, Astoria, NY 11106

Come join our table for some BBQ-inspired smoky brunch dishes, with an assortment of beverages to match.

The Strand, located on Broadway right between the subway station and and Crescent Street, is a wide open space with long wooden benches and a great assortment of southern comfort food.

As with all of our meal invites, we do ask that you keep your RSVP accurate. Only click “Going” if you actually intend to appear in person, as we’ll use that for any necessary coordinations with the venue if the group gets large. We’ll post again and ask you to update the day before so we can get a good headcount.

See you next weekend for some bourbon and vittles!

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